Bangkok Happy Ending!

Bangkok Massage parlours are everything they’re made out to be!  Let me explain.  I knew what to expect from reading Harbaugh’s fabulous guide to Bangkok massages, but that didn’t make the experience any less magical.  In fact, from reading Stickman’s Bangkok blog I was skeptical and wondered if Bangkok had lost it’s magic from years gone by.  Stickman, you’re plain wrong about that one!

Thanks to my research, I knew to avoid Patpong and Nana Plaza in advance.  Ratchadaphisek had what I was looking for – the Bangkok massage services with happy endings, friendly prices, and gorgeous girls.  (hey, I’m honest, right?!)

Anyway, the services were above anything I’ve ever experienced.  For a few baht I was able to easily secure two on one service within minutes.  One girl was an 8, the other a 10!!!  I’m telling you guys, the magic is still resonating in my mind as I type this!  Go go bars and karaoke bars, bathhouses. . .all lame compared to what I experienced in the massage parlour that night.  I’m now off to Phuket tomorrow to further my Thailand adventures, but I can’t imagine anything comparable to my happy ending in Bangkok!  Here is what I remember about how I got there (again, see Harbaugh’s guide for better details, my memory is a bit hazy ;-):

Ratchadaphisek runs north / south and the ultimate parlour I visited was just north of Sutthisan station.  A small red sign illuminates the massage girls in the window, which is unmistakable when you see it as Matthew says.  Just go in, point to whoever you’d like – this is where I chose two, and received a discount. . .I guess it was a slow night for them.  Anyway, no problems at all, no negotiating, within 3 minutes I was dropping my drawers and two minutes later I had two gorgeous kittens all over me.  Sorry if that sounds crass – but these are powerful memories I’m containing, my friends!  I’ll write more later, not sure if Phuket will be worth it but I’ll know soon enough.  Wish me luck!  😉


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